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At Nimble we aim to deliver swift and highly effective solutions. Our products, services and internal processes are designed for precision and agility with no overhead or wasted time. Born out of disdain for overly complex solutions, endless meetings, and a disregard for quality; Nimble is designed to deliver simplicity and dependability. Let us show you how technology gets deployed the Nimble way.


Nimble IoT LLC delivers turnkey network device solutions to the industrial automation space. Manufacturers are undergoing a transformation from Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology to PC based control using distributed network devices. Deployment of this technology is still in its infancy and businesses typically face three challenges:

Nimble IoT helps businesses by co-developing networked versions of their current product lines optimized to their customers needs.


We've built systems to aid in production facilities, QA and testing operations, as well as ruggedized devices for use out in field environments. Dealing with technologies and machinery such as:

This is just a short view into our existing capability. If you have questions about a specific technology listed here or not, please reach out. We love to discuss unique problems that require creative solutions.


Our office is in HCDC, Inc. in Norwood, Ohio. The Hamilton County Development Center is a is a private not-for-profit economic development company with a public purpose to help new job-creating businesses grow. You can find more information on HCDC can be found here.

Send us an email and we'd love to hear from you!

1776 Mentor Ave, #406, Cincinnati, OH 45212