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Nimble IoT provides highly customized Industry 4.0 turn-key automation solutions ready for 24x7 production at a fraction of the cost and lead time of big name service providers

Our clients are startups who have a great product but face the challenge to quickly scale up production. They are prepared for automation but are staggered at the cost of quotes from big name service providers. These providers are strongly tied to past architectures and view “Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0” as practices to be layered on top of their old architectures. At Nimble, we integrate these practices into the foundation of our architectures, reducing complexity, lead-time, and cost.

Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution where systems cooperate with each other and humans over the Internet of Things in real-time to enable breakthroughs in capacity, efficiency, and quality.

Let us show you how technology gets deployed the Nimble way.


Let’s approach your needs together using Agile. In 2019, an industrial client came to us needing a motion control system for a small production line. After several weeks of wrestling with requirements, the big name service provider quoted their solution at $118,750 with a 20 week lead time. Using Agile, Nimble collaborated with this client to deliver an IoT based solution in 2 weeks at a cost of $14,700. As new ideas were discovered post-deployment, our client was delighted at our speed to implement them into the system.

The Agile framework empowers Nimble IoT and our clients to collaborate and make decisions together as a group quickly and effectively. Solutions are created in increments with each increment tested before it is considered complete. Requirements are tested and validated along the way eliminating deployment surprises.

Traditional waterfall-style development processes served industry well over the last century. But in a world where the pace of technological change is measured in weeks instead of years a new development framework is required. Agile stands to meet the challenges of this new, rapidly evolving landscape.


We've deployed 24 different solutions that operate within production facilities or as ruggedized devices in field environments. Every solution is Industry 4.0 ready and use technologies / equipment such as:

This is just a short view into our existing capability. If you have questions about a specific technology listed here or not, please reach out. We love to discuss unique problems that require creative solutions.


Our office is in HCDC, Inc. in Norwood, Ohio. The Hamilton County Development Center is a is a private not-for-profit economic development company with a public purpose to help new job-creating businesses grow. You can find more information on HCDC can be found here.

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